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Indian Acts

Indian Acts is a series of public presentations, occurring throughout the year and includes staged readings, works in progress, musical concerts, dance performances and excerpts from pieces we have in development.





On Friday Sept 4th, starting with a BBQ social, Full Circle is honoured to welcome visiting Indigenous performer and Drag-Artist Ben Graetz (a.k.a Miss Ellaneous) to Coast Salish Territory to present a special Artist-Talk. Ben will be sharing with us some of his experiences over the years of working in the arts, as well talking about his own work as a cutting edge, two-spirited performer in his homeland of Australia and abroad.  

For his full bio, click here.

Open to the public- all welcome! Donations appreciated!

WHERE: Full Circle Office, 1577 W. Georgia St. Vancouver

WHEN: Friday, Sept 4th BBQ 5:30pm followed by Artist Talk at 7pm

Ben Graetz is a descendant of the Muran and Malak Malak Clans in the Northern Territory and of Badu Island on the Torres Strait Islands of Australia. He is a versatile and original artist who is passionate about creating new Australian work. He is interested in all elements of the performing arts and is keen to combine his creative talents to develop theatre that moves, excites and challenges an audience. He would like to use his producing, directing, performance and writing skills to create and be a part of work that is new, innovative and dynamic. 



From July 20th to 24th, Full Circle is honoured to welcome visiting Indigenous performer and improv artist extraordinaire Robert Vestal of Native Voices to Coast Salish Territory for a week intensive improv training with our Ensemble members, Alumni and special guests Coyote Brothers  (Vancouver's  local Aboriginal improv team).

Improv n' Nations activities also include our next two Indian Acts - so come on out! Guaranteed to be fast, funny and furious! Open to the public- all welcome!

Please RSVP by email: or call the Full Circle Office  604-683-0497

Improv n' Nations Community Class

WHERE: Full Circle Office, 1577 W. Georgia St. Vancouver

WHEN: Thursday July 23rd, 6pm-9pm, Improv expert Robert Vestal will join with the hilariously talented Coyote Brothers (Sam Bob, Duane Howard, Curtis Talon Ahenakew for a community class of creative comedy.

Improv n' Nations Showcase Night & BBQ Feast

WHERE: Full Circle Office, 1577 w. Georgia St. Vancouver

WHEN:  Friday July 24th 5:30pm BBQ Feast & 7:30pm Improv 'n' Nations showcase - students show off their new skillz to the public, come join us for an evening of good food, great people and guaranteed laughter! A suggested $10 donation to offset the cost of BBQ is much appreciated. 

Robert Vestal

Native Voicesat the Autry in Los Angeles California is the country's only Equity theatre company dedicated exclusively to producing new works by Native American, Alaska Native, and First Nations playwrights. The company has been hailed by critics as "a virtual Who's Who of American Indian theatre artists," "a hotbed for contemporary Native theatre," "deeply compelling," and "a powerful and eloquent voice." 

Robert Vestal (Cherokee) has been an actor for almost 20 years and has been a part of Native Voices since 2002. He also writes and directs and was on ER once. Vestal co-founded the Native American comedy troupe The Mayflower Welcoming Committee.

Coyote Bros was created by Sam Bob, Duane Howard and Curtis Talon Ahenakew back in early 2000, since then they have created comedy gigs for numerous conferences and shows that were born out of improv. They would improv ideas, rehearse them and perform them. They have performed at many festivals around BC, including the Talking stick Festival. Duane and Curtis created free community acting classes at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Center in 2005 and since then have taught numerous improv and acting classes to interested individuals from all walks of life.





Full Circle Visiting Artist - Rulan Tangen

Land Connections with Rulan Tangen part of the Indian Acts Series (Thursday June 18 – Saturday June 20, 2015)

Internationally regarded dance artist and choreographer, Rulan Tangen (Dancing Earth Creations, New Mexico), is coming to Coast Salish territories.  For three days, Full Circle is hosting  a series of events celebrating the work of this pioneer of Indigenous contemporary dance.  Activities include an Artist Talk and video screening, workshops, a masterclass and of course, gathering and feasting.  Activities are Pay-What-You–Can (unless noted).

Info and Registration Contact Kwasuun@ 604 683-0497


Full Circle Visiting Artist - Rulan Tangen 

Rulan Tangen, Founding Artistic Director/Choreographer of Dancing Earth, is honored to return to Vancouver from the Southwest desert where she is in residence, to share her vision with the community of Full Circle.Her work prioritizes 'Woniya" (breath of life), the spine as link to identity and ancestral knowledge, and the intuition of body to connect to energies of the planet Through movement and sound, she explores diversity and its impact on the individual and group dynamic. She honors the innate symbolism of cultural art forms, the capacity of movement for healing, and the deep metaphors that can expressed through embodiment. Through the language of dance, participants will get a unique cultural experience to grow greater capacity for understanding for life on earth.

Thursday June 18th

Cultural Welcome Walk to Xway Xway (Stanley Park) & BBQ Feast

Acknowledging place and Introductions

Where: Full Circle located at 1577 W. Georgia St. Vancouver, 604-683-0497

When: 3pm leave Full Circle -5pm return to Full Circle

BBQ FEAST 5:30 pm

Artist-Talk and Video with Rulan Tangen 7-8pm


Friday June 19th LAND DANCE DAY

Full-Day Outdoor Workshop with Rulan Tangen: Land Connections: 'Seeds of Sovereignty’ seeds, roots, plants, foods and the cultivation of dreams.

Where: Trillium North Park located at: 580 Malkin Street, Strathcona (Malkin and Thornton Street- just south of Prior Street)

Link to bus info and map  

When: 10am-4pm


Useful to bring: lightweight foot covering that allows foot to feel the ground, , dance slippers or socks unless floor is slippery,  notebook and pencil, comfortable clothes you can move in , sun or rain protection as needed

LAND DANCE DAY DESCRIPTION: Rulan gathers community of dancers, movers, planters, and outdoor lovers into a day of ‘land dance’ in garden setting. Together we will explore and reflect the energy of the unique setting and regenerate inter-connectedness and reciprocity. Practical knowledge and stories of the garden will be shared, along with functional movements necessary to the care and cultivation.  We will consider ourselves as seed, carrying cultural roots of our ancestors, and consider what are the seeds we are planting for our own loves and generations to come, through kinetic expression. The qualities of multi-sensory awareness, embodied story, rhythms of purposeful tasks, and metaphoric poetry of body in interconnectedness to land, water, plants and all forms of life will inform the vocabulary, culminating in a simple ritual to give gratitude, love and good energy to the surroundings.


Master Class with Rulan Tangen

Where: Scotia Bank Dance Centre located at 677 Davie St., STUDIO: Kraul

When: 9am-12pm

MASTER CLASS DESCRIPTION: Rulan welcomes dancers into a circle of rigorous contemporary class rooted in Indigenous imagery. The warmup is in continuous motion, growing through levels from ground to sky, emphasizing qualities of elements such as air (breath), water (flow), and earth (rootedness ). With impetus from spine and torso, we will explore the undercurrents of circles inherent in movement and move through space in movements of migratory winged and four-legged. As an expression of bio-diversity, Rulan encourages individual interpretation to serve the ecology of the whole. Session will culminate in movements dedicates to water as the source of all life  - for Global Water Dance Day. These phrases will be drawn from over a decade of exploration of an evolving language of Indigenous contemporary dance.

Community Class with Rulan Tangen

Where: Renegade Productions located at 125 East 2nd Ave, STUDIO: A1

When: 2pm-4pm (pls arrive 20mins early to warm-up)

Pls note: Studio A1 has easy entry access from alley directly behind building as well as free parking. Look for Full Circle signage.  PLS call Kwasuun at cell#778-836-5273 to be let in the front door or for any reason.

Useful to bring : barefeet, lightweight moccasins , dance slippers or socks unless floor is slippery :  notebook and pencil : comfortable clothes you can move in : water bottle

COMMUNITY CLASS DESCRIPTION: Rulan welcomes all members of community to experience the healing powers of movement , in a practice that begins with somatic decolonization. Exercises of undoing help release and then renew through building of multi sensory awareness, memory and imagination. Balancing movement and stillness , we will integrate the realms of the medicine wheel: body, spirit, emotions and mind. The body increases capacity for transformation, through simple kinetic expressions of cardinal elements of water, sky, earth. Sound and motion will create a dynamic sense of group. We will culminate in a ritual embodiment of positive intentions for the water of our bodies and of the planet, to honor Global Water Dance Day . Organic, dynamic , grounded, living, breathing dance !


Evening concert: Tribe Called Red & Git Hayetsk

Where: Malkin Bowl Stanley Park

When: Gates open at 5:30

Purchase tickets online or call: Canada Ticket Sales at 1-855-985-5000

For map and parking directions, click here



Coming to the Fire, Photo Credit: Chris Randle

First Nations Education Steering Committee 20th Annual Aboriginal Education Conference, featuring Coming to the Fire 

When: December 4 (evening) 5 & 6, 2014

Where: The Westin Bayshore, 1601 Bayshore Drive, Vancouver

Showcasing innovative curriculum, inspiring people and networking opportunities, the First Nations Education Steering Committee Annual Conference on Aboriginal Education draws several hundred educators each year. In recognition of the conference’s 20 year anniversary, the theme this year is 20 Years:  Transforming Education. Toonie Auction and Silent Auction, and Performance of Coming to the Fire by Margo Kane’s Full Circle Ensemble. Proceeds support First Nations students through the Seventh Generation Club. Donations of auction items gladly accepted.

For information about registration CLICK HERE

For more information about First Nations Education Steering Committee CLICK HERE


Coming to the Fire participants, Photo Credit: Chris Randle

Coming to the Fire Performance at Heart of the City Festival

Full Circle's new Indian Act piece Coming to the Fire finished its first phase of developmental workshops and had its inaugural performance on November 3rd (by invitation only) at Carnegie Theatre from 5:30pm-8pm as part of Moving Theatre's Heart of the City Festival. The workshops were facilitated by Margo Kane, Artistic Director of Full Circle, with the help of Full Circle's Aboriginal Ensemble and artists from the DTES. 

Photo (above) photo credit: Chris Randle




Children of God a new musical by Corey Payette 

Staged Reading at the Revue Stage on Granville Island November 8th at 8pm - by Donation.

Developed in partnership with Raven Theatre, Urban Ink, Arts Club Theatre’s ReACT Festival, Full Circle: First Nations Performance, and in collaboration with English Theatre at Canada’s National Arts Centre.

Children of God is a musical about an Oji-cree family whose children were sent to residential school. It takes place in two time periods twenty years apart, and examines how the effects of our past are directly related to our future. This play was written as a celebration of Indigenous peoples’ never-ending cultural spirit that blends the traditional and the contemporary, providing a new perspective to this story. It shares in what was lost, and the pain and anger that still exists in many families from wounds that will not heal. Hopefully, by acknowledging these stories we can move toward accepting the past.

Cast includes: Margo Kane, Kevin Loring, Josue Laboucane, Arlie Worthing, Quelemia Sparrow, Kim Harvey, Aaron Wells, Jennifer Lines, and Micheal Querin.

Director: Allison Grant, Dramaturg: Sybille Pearson, Musical Director: Steven Greenfield, Stage Manager: Jan Hodgson

Click HERE to find out more




Full Circle: First Nations Performance in association with Vancouver Moving Theatre & The Heart of the City Festival 

Ignite your imagination! Be part of a new theatrical piece being developed by renowned Canadian actor and artist, Margo Kane (Cree-Saulteux). This is a piece that is open to people from all walks of life, all cultural backgrounds and all ages. An interest in performing is all that is required. Through a series of 5 - 3 hour workshops, you will work alongside professional artists to create a work that celebrates the Aboriginal practices of gathering and sharing and ensures the voice of the community is idle no more! 

Free workshops will culminate in a public presentation in The Heart of the City Festival

Participants are encouraged to attend all workshops in the series. Advance registration encouraged but not required.  Space is limited.


Tuesday October 21 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Wednesday October 22 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Thursday October 23 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Friday October 24 12:30pm – 2:30pm
Tuesday October 28 1:30pm – 4:30pm
All at Carnegie Community Centre Gym, 401 Main



Presented with generous support of our Community Partner, SFU Woodwards


“Calendars are not only tools to measure time; they are also magnificent instruments to connect the cosmic time with the human time. They are doors that allow men to access the mystery of the cosmos and at the same time to correlate the activities of men with the rhythm of the Stars.” 

From great media attention to the Maya cycle anticipating the world’s end in 2012 to hardly a mention in 2013 the cycle has become irrelevant. Or has it.  This program is part of a series which recognizes the seating of the new cycle and entry into the new cycle with optimism and peace. In becoming aware of our indigenous calendars and the modern calendar we are directed to our Ancestor’s instructions for entering a new cycle, during the transition period when powerful harmful influences oppose life in a chaotic period of catharsis, cleansing, and purification.

This program anticipates the dawn of a new cycle and emphasizes the re-learning of the primal human consciousness present at the creation. This program impresses on the public consciousness the idea that what one is doing to the environment is reciprocated; when you scar earth/nature you scar yourself. We have not learned to do this. Instead, our primal consciousness has unraveled and continues to unravel with the loss of ancestral wisdom and knowledge.


This program was screened in Vancouver in 2012 in recognition of the ending of the Maya Cycle and Nahuatl Fifth Sun. It had been out of distribution since 1990 but was brought out to convey one perspective on the end of days through the performances of Hopi Ritual Clowns. This production explores the present human condition and the clown’s role in raising human consciousness to prevent planetary destruction. The program was originally produced in 1988 and is recognized as one of the first productions to apply computer animation.